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Gifts for the Math Teacher in Your Life

 I wanted to make some suggestions in case there were people trying to find the perfect gift for that fabulous math teacher they know. First, I have to insist that this is not a thinly veiled wish list of my own. (Seriously, mom and dad. I have a lot of these things already.) But these might be on the wish list of another math teacher out there…


T-shirts are ALWAYS a good call. There are 180 school days in a year. That’s 180 opportunities for a different math t-shirt. I’ve linked to other t-shirts in a previous post, but these are my latest favorites:

The only way to possibly look better in a math t-shirt is to also wear measurement suspenders. Oh my.


It is always nice to get stuff for your classroom. I mean, teachers spend a lot of their life in there.

My sister got me something like this last year:

It is also possible to order a personal message in vinyl if there is something your particular teacher might want to post – something like “MATH RULES!” for example.


Teachers don’t use a lot of chalk boards anymore, but this is still fun…

Last year, I had all of my students write super sweet messages on a mug for a teacher-friend. When you bake this mug in the oven, the writing becomes permanent:


I also think that it would be a really lovely thing to donate to education in a teacher’s name. You can check the most popular teacher donation websites like to see whether whoever you are buying for has posted a request.  Personally, I think it is even more amazing to choose a specific gift for a child in a war-torn or disaster-stricken community. $20 buys a pair of school uniforms. $25 provides a school meal program for one child. And the list goes on…

Of course, the very best gift in the whole wide world is a letter from a student. This year for my birthday, my colleagues collected notes from the 96 students we teach together. They twisted each message around a hershey’s kiss. I keep the bag of notes on my desk, and I open one or two when I am feeling especially worn out. They are an amazing gift that will stay with me long after I’ve eaten all the chocolate. 

And now, it’s time for me to spread a little bit of the love. Thank goodness we have the holidays as an excuse to give a gift to the teachers in our lives who we appreciate so much.


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