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Division Lessons

We are starting division at our school next week! It is very exciting because it is a brand new idea for our students. I have videotaped myself outlining and presenting the lessons below so that our team can prepare. You will notice that the main idea is to link division to repeated subtraction and to its inverse, multiplication.  We start by using a concrete model to  build this understanding. Please excuse the shaky camera; I had a student film me. 🙂

(There’s no school on Monday and then on Tuesday, we’ll learn multiples of ten.)

Wednesday: 5-1 Model Division

Thursday: 5-2 Division as Equal Sharing

(There’s no school on Friday and then on Monday, we’ll learn multiples of five.)

Tuesday: 5-3 Relate division and subtraction

Wednesday: 5-4 Relate division and multiplication

Thursday: 5-5 Inverse Operations

Test on Friday!


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