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I teach fifth eighth ninth grade math in a traditionally underserved community. I am in my eighth tenth eleventh year of teaching, and I find the most exciting part of my job is getting great ideas from other people about how to do things better. Ideas are the currency of the education profession. A person can teach without pencils, books or an overhead, but they can’t teach without ideas.

I have a lot of ideas. Many are for costumes.

So, I am writing to share ideas in a range of categories. I have found them very useful, and I hope others people will too.

Updated: 12/17/2012


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  • 1. lisasgoldstein  |  September 24, 2015 at 3:05 am


    I’m a former elementary teacher who has been working as a university-based teacher educator for about 25 years. I am writing a blog post that presents the ability to develop curriculum targeted to the needs of students as a teacher’s greatest superpower. I would love to use the “Teacher Superheroes” photograph you posted on this site as the featured image on the “superpower” post.

    You’re welcome to look at my blog—www.everystudenteverydaynoexceptions.com—to see the kinds of ideas and practices I typically blog about.

    If you are willing to allow me to use your image, please let me know exactly how you would like to be credited. It’s a wonderful, hilarious photo and it deserves to be seen by all teachers!

    Thanks so much for considering this request.

    Lisa Goldstein

    • 2. teachies  |  September 30, 2015 at 2:08 pm

      Hi! You can absolutely use the picture. Please just credit it to Lisa Ramish at this blog. I will email you to let you know as well! Best of luck in the work you do!


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